Student loans for Masters: tell Government your view

The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has opened a consultation on support for postgraduate study. 

Student loans for Masters: tell Government your view

At Autumn Statement 2014, Government announced its intention to introduce a new loan system for postgraduate taught Master’s students. For the first time, anyone under age 30 who is eligible and accepted to study a postgraduate taught Master’s course, in any subject, will be able to access an income contingent loan of up to £10,000.

The objective is to support the highest levels of skills to support the UK economy, and increase participation at postgraduate taught level by enabling those who cannot afford or delay study at this level to take up places. This consultation invites views on the specific details of the proposal. The responses and evidence received will be used to advise Ministers and inform the final design and terms of the proposed Master’s loan scheme.

At Budget 2015 the Government announced a package to support postgraduate research. This includes a review of how the Government can both broaden and strengthen support for postgraduate research students. We will consider how to leverage Government funding through partnerships; and whether to broaden support for postgraduate research students by introducing income contingent loans of up to £25,000 over the lifetime of a postgraduate research degree. The second part of this consultation invites views on how best to proceed with this package.

The objective is to widen access to postgraduate research degrees by offering additional support to research students.

The Council encourages its members to take part in the survey. Has lack of funding stopped discouraged Master’s Degree applications at your institution? Is the max age of 30 appropriate? Fill in the online survey to have your say.