Spring 2015 Working Group Update

This month, the under the spotlight feature is progress from the Postgraduate Student Experience Working Group. 

Spring 2015 Working Group Update

The three sub groups of the Working Group are making good progress in their specific areas of research and sub group objectives

  • PGT Identity –main areas of consideration 

1) Engage with Students Unions on better integration of PGTs into university life – what lessons” might be learned regarding differences with UG and PGR needs

2) Engaging alumni to the benefit of PGTs — current issues and how access to alumni for current/​prospective students can be strengthened

3) DL/​online learners – talk to staff running such programmes in our institutions about how they create communities of students

4) P/T mid-career professionals – explore how student communities can be created and other areas of good practice

  • PDP and career Planning – the principal aim is to determine the scale of activity in the sector around the themes of personal development planning and career planning for the PGR population. Project outline:

There is recognition that PDP and career planning for PGRs are likely to be delivered by Careers Services and / or Graduate or Doctoral Colleges or Schools and often in conjunction. We plan to carry out a survey in the form of a question set which will inform what is undertaken in Institutions that are research intensive or less so (as judged by the size of their PGR population). The group have devleoped a brief survey focusing on sector practive related to this area. Link to survey.

  • PGR End of Lifecycle – main areas of consideration 

1) Looking at content of supports pre and post viva

2)   Concentrating on the availability of supports/​status of the candidate at each stage of the End of PGR lifecycle and specifically looking if there are differences  for PhD students within Doctoral Training Centres.

All Working Groups will be reporting their initial findings at the UKCGE Annual Conference on 2nd – 3rd July 2015 in Glasgow