ICPD 2014 made all the difference’

The recent 4th International Conference of Professional Doctorates, the evolving doctorate: meeting the needs of practitioners and professions,’ staged at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff on 10th and 11th of April 2014 has received excellent feedback with many delegates encouraging further activities in this area. 

ICPD 2014 made all the difference’

ICPD Conference Chair, Professor Carol Costley said;

There is clearly a lot of work for us all to do now moving forward. More pressing themes for researching and developing the field of professional doctorates necessitate developing methodologies, reflective practice and knowledge management. For me, the conference has also highlighted the area of policy which we need to engage in, but tread carefully so that professional Doctorates can be thought of as part of a whole spectrum of doctorates of equal value but meeting the needs of a range of people, organisations and purposes . Finally, we also need to be more active in relation to inclusion and diversity agendas throughout our professional doctorate practice.

UKCGE Chair, Professor Mick Fuller said;
I would like to thank Carol and the organising committee for delivering a really stimulating couple of days. I look forward to integrating the themes from ICPD 2014 with the UKCGE Annual Conference in Dublin later this summer.

Dr Mark Hager, Associate Professor of Psychology at Menlo College in the USA and ICPD 2014 delegate said;

Participating in ICPD 2014 has indeed made all the difference as it continues to inform my professional practice. Whether it is teaching undergraduates who aspire to the PsyD or it is consulting with newly minted PhD and PsyD graduates, ICPD provides me with a community of scholars and practitioners who share my values, recognize my contributions and stretch me where I need to grow.

The next International Conference on Professional Doctorates is scheduled for Easter 2016 in Ireland. UKCGE hopes to deliver a workshop between now and this date and would invite any colleagues who would like to support this activity contact the UKCGE office.