Executive Committee Nominations Received

The UKCGE office has received a total of 8 completed nominations forms for election to the council’s Executive Committee until 2017. 

Executive Committee Nominations Received

The role of the Executive Committee is to agree and set the work of the Council, to oversee the various activities organised and carried out by the Council, to agree Council policy and to ensure efficient financial management. Executive Committee members are also actively involved in council Working Groups, (attending meetings etc), organising conferences and workshops, drafting material and commenting on various aspects of the Council’s work.

Carolyn Wynne, UKCGE Principal Officer said:

We are really pleased that current members have decided to stand again for another term on the Executive Committee and delighted to have received new nominations from colleagues who have been engaged with the Council for a number of years and will bring a wealth of experience and representation from the sector to the Council. Receiving eight nominations is the highest number the Council has received and you will see from the biographical notes of each candidate that voting in order of preference will not be an easy task for our members.

All UK link members should receive the related voting paperwork within the next 7 – 10 working days which includes strict guidance for the voting procedure of nominated candidates. If link members have questions or comments about the process, please contact the UKCGE office immediately.

All nominated candidates for election to the Executive Committee for 2014–17 are listed below:

Dr Tina BARNES (University of Warwick) 

Professor Bruce CHRISTIANSON (University of Hertfordshire)

Professor Graeme COOKE (University of Glasgow)

Dr Catherine MILLS (University of Birmingham)

Dr Andrew RAWNSLEY (Teesside University)

Professor Bonnie STEVES (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Professor Kenneth T WANN (Cardiff University) 

Dr Alan WHITE (University of East London)