Executive Committee Nominations 2016

The call for nominations to the UKCGE Executive Committee is now open. 

Executive Committee Nominations 2016

The call for nominations to the UKCGE Executive Committee is now open

There will be TWO vacancies on the Executive Committee this year from July 2016 and the posts will be filled via Postal Ballot, the results being announced at the UKCGE Annual Conference in Liverpool. Nomination forms are available here.

The UK Council for Graduate Education has an Executive Committee, made up from members who are each elected to serve for a period of three years.

The role of the Executive Committee is to agree and set the work of the Council, to oversee the various activities organised and carried out by the Council, to agree Council policy and to ensure efficient financial management. In pursuance of these aims the Executive Committee meets a minimum of 4 times a year for official Executive Committee meetings, which take place weekday afternoons. Executive Committee members are also actively involved in Working Groups set up by the Council (attending meetings etc), organising conferences and workshops, drafting material and commenting on various aspects of the Council’s work.

It is vital that the UK Council for Graduate Education has and continues to have an effective Executive Committee whose members have a broad and wide-ranging knowledge of postgraduate education covering both administrative and academic issues, postgraduate research and postgraduate taught, part time students and distance learners and full time students. Nominees should have successful significant experience of postgraduate education, an awareness of the issues facing the sector, and be willing to actively participate in contributing to the Council’s operation and its annual programme of activities and reports.

It is of particular importance that the subject spread of the Executive Committee is as comprehensive as possible and that the Executive Committee represents a broad base of institutions. A thorough geographical spread of institutions is also required along with a good mix of gender and academic and administrative staff.

The Council would welcome nominations from experienced academic and administrative staff with significant postgraduate knowledge.

The Executive Committee is also keen to co-opt further members who are representatives of Full Members or Associate Members or Personal Members. These will serve until the conclusion of the next AGM provided that the number of co-opted members shall not exceed one third of the total membership of the Committee. Co-opted members have the right to vote.

Nomination paperwork will be sent to institutional Link Members and is also available to download below.

Carolyn Wynne, the Council’s Principal Officer said,

Over the last 12 months we have been fortunate that so many colleagues from our member institutions have engaged with us to develop new projects and initiatives; their input is always hugely beneficial in delivering our mission of being an authoritative voice for the sector. We would really welcome nominations from these colleagues to stand as either Full Executive Committee Members or for co-option”

If you would like further information or to discuss the nomination process, please contact Carolyn at c.l.wynne@ukcge.ac.uk


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