Council Increases International Membership

Following recent positive growth of the council’s electronic newsletter The Postgraduate, the Council have received successful applications for associate membership from The University of Macau, Northern Kentucky University and The University of West Indies. 

Council Increases International Membership

The council has also received significant interest from international colleagues regarding ICPD-2014 in Cardiff on the 10th and 11th of April and other forthcoming events including the 2014 Annual Conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Dr Tina Barnes, UKCGE Secretary said:

This news reflects not just the huge success of The Postgraduate in keeping the Higher Education community informed of issues and developments important to them, but also that the Council is tapping into issues of international interest.  The Postgraduate is helping facilitate an international conversation about the future of postgraduate education, and this can only be a good thing.”

Ben Massey University Liaison and Development Officer said:

It is fantastic that UKCGE members can share experiences with new members from around the world. As The Postgraduate is becoming more established, the office is receiving increased interest on how new colleagues from the sector can get involved with UKCGE activities. We always appreciate feedback from UKCGE members and supporters so encourage any comments and questions forwarded via”