Ballot Announcement

The UK Council for Postgraduate Education Executive Committee, are pleased to announce the results of the recent ballot concerning the timing of the AGM, and the associated changes to the election of Executive Committee members. 

Ballot Announcement

The ballot asked members to approve the following changes:

  • That the AGM move from February each year, to July from 2013
  • That the timing of elections to the Executive Committee move to January/​February, in order to align the terms of office of EC members with the new timing of the AGM
  • That a one-off” extension be made to the terms of office of current EC members, including those who would otherwise reach the end of their term in February 2013
  • That current and future EC members would from July 2013, have terms of office commencing in July and ending in June

Many thanks on behalf of the Executive Committee to those who responded. A total of 35 responses were received, and those responses gave 100% approval to the proposed changes. We can now move forward with our plans. The next AGM will take place in July from 2013. Changes to the terms of office of current Executive Committee members are effective immediately.

Dr Tina Barnes,

Honorary Secretary, UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE)