Preparing Postgraduates to Teach in Higher Education

Stephen Holt

Professor Stephen Holt, OBE, was Rector of Roehampton Institute, London between 1988–1999.

The aim of this report is to describe the range of current practice employed to prepare postgraduate teaching assistants to teach

This report arose out of a group convened by Professor Stephen Holt, Rector of the Roehampton Institute. The other members of the group were Dr Vaneeta d’ Andrea, Dr Alan Bower, Dr Liz Elvidge, Mr Ewan Gillon, Dr Martin Gough, Ms Belinda Stott and Dr Margaret Wilkin. The UK Council is very grateful to all members of the working group for their time in preparing this paper for publication. It is to be hoped that the issues covered in this report will contribute to discussions and debates about teaching postgraduates to teach in Higher Education.

In many parts of the world there has been a growing concern over the preparation of postgraduates to teach in higher education. In Britain, discussions held within the UK Council for Graduate Education (hereafter UK Council) on the Harris Report (1996) have concluded that the variety of practice in this area would make it an urgent matter of concern to the higher education sector.