Enhancing Practice in Research Supervision

Stan Taylor

Honorary Professor, School of Education, University of Durham and Honorary Life Member of the UKCGE

In this publication, the UKCGE asked a series of experts in the field of doctoral education to contribute short articles on various issues in doctoral supervision


  1. Thinking of research supervision as a form of teaching
  2. How might research on supervision influence your practice? Things I’m more intentional about now 
  3. Supervising practice-based doctorates 
  4. Interdisciplinary doctoral Supervision
  5. Co-supervision in doctoral education: challenges and responses
  6. Why do people lie on research candidate progress reports? 
  7. Informing and advising PGRs on non-academic careers and the Knowledge based economy (kbe)
  8. Supporting students’ writing and publication 
  9. Rewarding excellence in research supervision 
  10. Case study Imperial College London’s President’s awards for excellence in research supervision