A Review of Graduate Schools in the UK

Pam Denicolo

Pam Denicolo is Professor Emerita at the University of Reading

This 2004 study presents the position of graduate schools in at UK universities at that time, and repeats a survey originally undertaken by the UK Council for Graduate Education in December 1994.

The report is the result of the sustained work of the authors, Diana Woodward, Pam Denicolo, Suzanne Hayward and Elizabeth Long, to whom the Council is most grateful.

The 1995 report found that graduate schools were most common in the old’ (pre-1992) universities, over half of which had graduate schools. They were less common in the new’ (post-1992) universities, one-sixth of which had them, and in colleges of higher education, one-tenth of which had them. The 2003/4 survey found that the graduate school has become the dominant model for the organisation of graduate education across the sector. Two thirds of the institutions responding to the survey now have graduate schools.