Research conduct policy

We treat the research process seriously and will ensure that both data and finances are handled with care, while participants are treated with respect.

The UKCGE will:

  • Follow legal, ethical and financial requirements stipulated by the UKCGE and other relevant organisations involved in the research.
  • Observe and uphold honesty, integrity and professionalism and maintain professional standards.
  • Show probity in the use of finance and other resources and comply with both the UKCGE’s financial regulations and procedures and the regulations and procedures of any funding bodies supporting the research. 
  • Attribute and acknowledge the direct and indirect contribution of colleagues and collaborators.
  • Ensure the rights, safety and wellbeing of all individuals associated with or involved in the research.
  • Maintain effective project management to agreed project plans. 
  • Undertake relevant and appropriate professional development and ensure that other individuals involved in the research receive appropriate and relevant training, development and support. 
  • Record the progress of the research, question findings and preserve the security and confidentiality of primary data associated with the research. 
  • While protecting the confidentiality of data, the UKCGE aims to achieve a timely and wide dissemination of research findings. 
  • Disclose to the UKCGE Executive Committee and other relevant bodies any conflict of interest that may arise as a result of the research. 
  • Report any concerns prompted by the conduct of other researchers and feel confident that the expression of these concerns will be taken seriously by the UKCGE governing body.

In relation to the welfare of participants, the UKCGE ensures that: 

  • Participants are treated with dignity at all times.
  • Participants are given all relevant information to ensure that they can give informed consent when they contribute to the research.
  • Both the confidentiality of any personal information relating to the participants in the research and that the research itself meets appropriate legal requirements.