Working Group Update

UK Council for Graduate Education announces that all current working groups have received overwhelming support and are now not accepting any more declarations of interest. 

Working Group Update

Following release of January’s Postgraduate where the executive committee invited members and supporters to declare their interest in joining one of the four UKCGE working groups being set up, the UKCGE office were inundated by colleagues to become part of the networks. The council, together with innagural chairs of each working group are now in the process of contacting colleagues directly to acknowledge who has been selected as part of each group. 

UKCGE Principal Officer Carolyn Wynne announced:

Following the launch of the UKCGE Working Groups, the Council received a hugely encouraging number of declarations of interest for all four groups and these have now been forwarded to the Inaugral Chair’s for the respective groups and colleagues will be advised shortly if they have been selected. The Council are currently not accepting any further declarations of interest at this stage’.

Carolyn also went onto release the name of the chair for the remaining working group;

The Council are delighted to confirm that the Inaugural Chair for Quality and Reputation of the UK Doctorate” is Peter Meterlerkamp, University of Bristol’.

Colleagues who declared an interest in joining UKCGE working groups but were not selected will be invited to work with the council in an alternative capacity through it’s existing activities and services.