UKCGE Chair delivers keynote in China

Professor Mick Fuller, UKCGE Chair was invited to present a paper at the Association of China Graduate Schools (ACGS) 2nd International Meeting in Jianjin. 

UKCGE Chair delivers keynote in China

Professor Fuller, who is Head of the Graduate School at Plymouth University and a member of the EUA’s Council for Doctoral Education’s steering committee was invited to make a keynote presentation at the conference.

UKCGE’s attendance at the event follows on from previous representation made at similar conferences in Australia, Canada (with United States of America) and Turkey (Pan European Conference).

In his Chair Quarterly Blog that focuses on his recent visit to China, Professor Fuller said;

Members of the Executive Committee of UKCGE presented invited papers or Chaired sessions at DDoGS, ACGS, CGS (USA & Canada), UKCGE and EUA-CDE this year reflecting the truly international reach of the UKCGE in recent times, a momentum that we are keen to keep up and capitalise upon as the world interest in the future development of Research Degree programmes and its Internationalisation appears to know no bounds!”

Professor Fuller also draws out a key consideration for colleagues who are interested in facilitating sustainable international partnerships with Chinese Universities.

It was clear from the scope of the meeting and the papers presented that there is real interest in China in sustainable international partnerships and there was a great deal of interest in my paper. The main barriers that exist seem to revolve around getting commitment from western academics to come to spend research sabbaticals in China, many are happy to visit but only a few stay for a meaningful period of time.”

You can view Professor Fuller’s Blog here and his presented paper here.