Open access consultation launched

Views are invited on the open access proposals for the post-2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Open access consultation launched

The four UK higher education funding bodies aim to further increase the proportion of research outputs published in open-access form by introducing this as a requirement in the next REF [Notes 1 and 2]. This is in line with the funding bodies’ policy that the outputs from all research supported by our funding should be as widely and freely accessible as the available channels for dissemination permit. 

The proposals set out the details for implementing this requirement, and were developed following the advice received by the funding bodies in response to our earlier letter on open access. The consultation document is available on the HEFCE web-site. It seeks comments on the proposed criteria for open access in the post-2014 REF, the definition of the research outputs to which the criteria should apply, and the proposed approaches to exceptions from the open access requirement. The proposals have no relevance to the current REF 2014 exercise.

We invite responses from higher education institutions and other groups, organisations and individuals with an interest in scholarly publishing and research. Responses to this consultation should be made online by 1700 on 30 October 2013, using the electronic response form which can be accessed alongside the consultation document.

Link to Hefce website (Source):,82784,en.html