New Business Model Enables Free Online Events for Members

Following the AGM on March 24th 2023, a new business model was unanimously approved by UKCGE members.

It was agreed to raise the annual institutional subscription rates from £975 to £1,495 per year (for UK HEIs) and £450 to £750 per year (for Associate’ Non-UK HEIs). This will allow UKCGE to make all online workshops and seminars free of charge to members.

The new rates, which remain lower than other national/​international postgraduate councils, will come into effect in August 2023.

The Covid-19 pandemic has suggested this new approach, with online events proving very popular. The new model will allow UKCGE to run 16 free online workshops or seminars per year, and, as part of this offering, members are encouraged to suggest their own online events which can be run in partnership.

Physical events will still take place, including the Annual Conference, one residential workshop, two to three in-person workshops and one to two international conferences, but the new approach will allow UKCGE to be more responsive to requests for support. By abolishing the £80 registration fee for online events, an administrative barrier will also be removed for participants.

UKCGE offers a range of workshops, seminars and conferences throughout the year.

Recent feedback on the events programme has emphasised the collegiate atmosphere and opportunities to learn. This was a great event that really opened my eyes to the enormous amount of useful research and experience that can help develop and improve PG research and training,’ said one participant.

I’m delighted that the UKCGE membership voted for this change in our business model,” said Doug Cleaver, Chair of the UKCGE Executive Committee. We learnt during the pandemic that free online discussions are hugely appreciated by our community. This new business model enables us to build on that momentum: to be responsive to our members; and to ensure that the widest possible range of people can contribute to UKCGE discussions.”

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