Council Launches Campaign at Researcher Development Conference

UK Council for Graduate Education yesterday launched the #LovePG campaign at the 2014 Vitae International Researcher Development Conference in Manchester. 

Council Launches Campaign at Researcher Development Conference

The primary aim of the #LovePG campaign is to raise awareness of postgraduate study — including those that study it — on university campuses. Also, the campaign hopes to bring together networks across students, researchers, staff and related organisations who are involved in postgraduate sector to capture the benefits of what postgraduate education can offer those that engage in the pathway.

The campaign is driven by social media and colleagues are asked to share why they love postgraduate education in 140 characters or less (via twitter). UKCGE has developed a collection of materials (image right) to support the #LovePG campaign.

Ben Massey, UKCGE’s Marketing and Liaison Officer said:

#LovePG is the first campaign we have administered and we are very excited and encouraged by the initial feedback. As the social media platform is open access, all stakeholders could use the campaign as a tool to compare practice and share experiences both in their own organisations as well as with others in the sector. But most of all we hope the #LovePG campaign becomes a means to inspire new ideas, inspire new networks and inspire new people to consider postgraduate education moving forward.’

Artwork, posters and related materials can be sent upon request to membership universities and organisations via the details below. However, the council does request that a small donation be made to cover the cost of printing materials and postage (details below).

Contact details:


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Recommended Donation:

50 Stickers: £10

4 Posters: £10

Download PDF’s:

#LovePG artwork

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