2021 Executive Committee Elections — Nominee Biographies

Find out more about those who have been nominated for the 2021 UK Council for Graduate Education’s Executive Committee Elections. 

2021 Executive Committee Elections — Nominee Biographies


The Chair & Executive Committee of the UK Council for Graduate Education are delighted to announce the nominees for election to the UKCGE Executive Committee for the period July 2021 to July 2024.

Executive Committee Election 2021 Nominees

The nominees are:

Professor Mark Bradley University of Nottingham
Associate Professor Hala Mansour University of Northampton
Dr Michelle Morgan  University of East London
Rachel Van Krimpen University of Nottingham
Carolyn Wynne  Coventry University

Download the Nominees’ Biographies >

There are FOUR vacancies on the Executive Committee.

The ballot opened on Monday 7th June 2021.

How do UKCGE Executive Committee Elections Work?

The election is open to Full Members of the UKCGE, with one vote per member.

The ballot is cast, on behalf of their institution, by the Link Member.

If you are not your institutions Link Member we strongly encourage you to download the nominee’s biographies and inform your Link Member of your preferred candidates. Details of your institution’s UKCGE Link Member can be found on your institution’s page in the UKCGE Members Directory.

Similarly, Link Members are encouraged to consult within their institution in order to establish their order of preference of candidates. 

About the Ballot

The ballot uses an online voting system to operates a single transferable vote (STV) system. Link Members must rank the nominees in order of preference.

All votes are anonymous and confidential.

The leading four candidates will be deemed to be elected to the Executive Committee.