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The Postgraduate Research Landscape in Europe: Trends and Drivers

The Sir Bob Burgess Memorial Lecture
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09 Nov 2023 
The British Academy, London

This year’s Sir Bob Burgess Memorial Lecture will be presented by Professor Barbara Dooley, Deputy President of University College Dublin and a member of the European Universities Association – Council for Doctoral Education. 

The postgraduate research landscape in Europe is a dynamic and diverse field that has been influenced by various trends and drivers in recent years. Many of the trends reported by European universities are not unique to Europe but are echoed across the globe.

In this lecture, Professor Barbara Dooley will consider what trends are emerging and where the drivers are behind them. As Europe continues to invest in research and innovation, factors such as funding and financial pressures, global competition and the skills agenda are likely to persist and evolve, shaping the future of postgraduate research both at home and abroad.

Key stakeholders like the European University Association play a pivotal role in shaping this future by advocating for the best interests of European universities and research institutions. Challenges for institutions arise when they try to balance the demands of these trends and drivers while maintaining high-quality graduate research education. They must adapt to these changes, ensuring that postgraduate programmes remain relevant, rigorous, and beneficial to both students and society.

This session will be chaired by Professor Rosemary Deem OBE.

Remembering Sir Bob Burgess

Sir Robert Burgess (known as Bob) was the founding Chair of UKCGE. A sociologist, he received his BA from the University of Durham in 1971 and his PhD from the University of Warwick in 1981. Following his PhD, Bob remained at Warwick as a sociology lecturer, being appointed Professor in 1987 and Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor in 1995. In 1999, Bob was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester until his retirement in 2014. Following his death in 2022, this lecture series was set up to celebrate Bob’s contribution to both the UK Council for Graduate Education and the postgraduate education community in general.

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Speakers & Chair

  • Professor Barbara Dooley

    Acting Registrar, Deputy President & VP Academic Affairs | University College Dublin
    • Thu 9 Nov, 17.25
    • The Postgraduate Research Landscape in Europe: Trends and Drivers
  • Dr Molly Morgan Jones

    Director of Policy | The British Academy
    • Thu 9 Nov, 17.15
    • Welcome
  • Professor Rosemary Deem OBE

    Emérita Professor of Higher Education Management | Royal Holloway, University of London
    • Session Chair