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The conference programme will be published in early October.

1st UKCGE Conference on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Postgraduate Research

Race and Ethnicity in PGR
  • Conference
  • Widening Participation & EDI
02 — 03 Nov 2023 
Crowne Plaza, Sheffield

Greater diversity in postgraduate research benefits everybody. It generates work that reflects current society more accurately and is fundamental to our understanding of universities as public institutions. Ensuring inclusivity in postgraduate education is at the heart of furthering our economic, scientific and social progress.

This conference, which takes as its starting point the 2020 Office for Students / Research England funding competition to improve access and participation for black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in postgraduate research, is an opportunity to take stock. 

At the end you will feel more connected to issues of diversity in the sector and understand how they impact on research. There will be opportunities to exchange information on what has been learned so far, enabling you to tackle bias in the postgraduate research environment with greater confidence.

Although the primary focus will be race and ethnicity, we will also consider the interconnected nature of these social categorisations and how they are related to other examples of discrimination and disadvantage. We welcome contributions that address race from different angles – from the perspective of mental health, for example, or in tandem with gender discrimination.

Conference Themes

  1. Admissions and recruitment
  2. Supervisor relationships
  3. Research funding
  4. Building communities
  5. Effective practices in coaching and mentoring
  6. Tackling bias and privilege
  7. The uses of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (included how it’s defined and measured)
  8. Equality after the doctorate; employability
  9. Learning from global approaches

Conference Background

This conference has grown out of the 2020 Office for Students / Research England funding competition to improve access and participation for black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in postgraduate research”. Thirteen projects were funded, with each being given a portion of £8million. However, the funding competition has catalysed a number of other projects looking at equality in postgraduate research, including this event. 

Inclusivity at UKCGE events

Everyone involved in the conference should be able to enjoy it and benefit from attending, whether they are an organiser, supporter, presenter or audience member. Those who are most affected by prejudice, micro-aggressions or abuse of power are often those who face other systemic barriers relating to their race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender or (mental) health. 

Ahead of the conference, we are asking everyone involved to think about how to promote inclusivity, and to play their role in actioning change. We want a conference which is safer, more accessible, more inclusive, and convivial, not just for those who already experience these spaces as comfortable or welcoming, but for everyone. We all have a role to play in challenging and changing the environment around supporting access for all. Participation in the conference is conditional on behaving in accordance with UKCGE Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ethos in ways that are fair, collegiate, caring, equitable, inclusive, respectful, non-exploitative and anti-discriminatory.

Call for Presentations

The call for presentations has now closed. Authors who submitted an abstract will be informed of the outcome of the review during the first week of October.

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